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Fall 2021 Final Exams by Class Section

When is my Final Exam?

This chart lists all classes for Fall 2021 that are planning to have a final as of 9/15/21. It will be updated periodically.

You may filter the chart using the public filters or create your own "New Filter". You may also sort the chart by hovering over the header of the columns until the 3 dots appear then selecting SORT. You can export this in Excel by selecting the 3 dots next to (View Only) in the black header. NOTE: The source sheet has many hidden columns that will be visible in an export . PDF of the general Final Exam Schedule for Fall 2021.

Finals indicated in crimson are block finals; this time supersedes any determination based on class time. Classes with "No Time" do not have a day/time listed; consult with the instructor for exam details.

Exams each Day

Block exams are in color. There are two sets of block exams each day. The numbers are the time slot; those are not tied to a specific day, but will rotate each semester. For instance, the exams taking place on Monday will move to Tuesday for Spring. NOTE: If you can't see the entire image, try reducing your screen size to 100% or smaller.

Academic Room Scheduling