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Fall 2022 Final Exam Schedule

The exam time is determined by the STARTING TIME of the course.

The time frames listed do not match standard class periods; the chart only considers CLASS START time. Block exams take priority over class start time. 

Pullman Master Exam Schedule: Fall 2022

Exam times are determined by the day and START time of the Lecture, unless the final is offered as a Block exam. Early final examinations are not permitted. Videoconference classes use the Originating campus schedule.

Using the chart

  • Scan the Block Finals column to see if one of your courses is offered as a block exam. Block Finals are mass examinations and override class start time determinations.
  • If your course is not offered as a block exam, find the class using the Class Day and Class Start Time columns.
  • 1-3 credit classes use the two hour time listed in the 3 Credit Classes column. 4+ credit classes use the three hour time listed in the 4 Credit Class column.
  • Final exams are held in the classroom where the class normally meets, when possible. Room assignments will be published about the 30th day of the term.
  • NO EARLY EXAMINATIONS. Final Examinations will not be rescheduled for the purpose of leaving the institution before the close of the semester (Academic Rule 79).
  • Videoconference courses follow the Pullman Finals Schedule. Questions?


Quick Tips

  • Look for any Block Finals first. They override other times.
  • Use class START time (not meeting pattern).
  • Use the Class by Class Final Exam listing.
  • Use myWSU to find your final after 30th day.
  • 4 credit classes have an extra hour
Academic Room Scheduling