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OBIEE: Unapproved Course Report

A listing of classes that DO NOT have the Approved checkbox checked in Maintain Schedule of Classes > Basic Data tab. These classes will NOT be Activated by the Campus Scheduler.

  • Sections may have multiple lines showing because there may be more than one Class Attribute (Cls Attr), Class Notes, Instructor (Name) and/or Meeting Time listed.
  • A class may be Unapproved if:
    • myWSU removed the Approved check. This is a known glitch. Always follow-up that classes remain Approved until they are Activated.
    • Class requires additional review and comments have been left by the Campus Scheduler.
    • Summer/Winter/Global: Classes are activated when they are ready to be sent to the LMS (Canvas). Contact AOI if a class has not been activated and there is a question.
  • Removing the Approved checkbox will remove the room assignment.

On this report you can search by the following fields:

  • Term
  • Campus
    • EVERE
    • ONLIN
    • PULLM
    • SPOKA
    • TRICI
    • VANCO
  • Acad Group
    • Agri Human & Nat Res Sciences
    • Col Engineering & Architecture
    • College of Arts and Sciences
    • Etc.
  • Subject
  • Catalog Nbr
  • Enrl Status
    • NULL
    • Closed
    • Open

Below is an example of an Unapproved Course Report where no sections are Unapproved.

OBIEE Information

Schedule Builder Reports

  • Approved Course Report. Lists courses that have the Approved checkbox checked in the Basic Data tab.
  • Unapproved Course Report. Lists courses that DO NOT have the Approved checkbox checked in the Basic Data tab. These courses will not be Activated.
  • Schedule Builder Data. Comprehensive list of classes an information. Melissa's favorite.
  • New Condensed Schedule Builder. Pared down list of classes intended for schedulers.
  • Simplified SBD. A single line report. Jill's favorite. Does not include Instructors nor Class Attributes. Use for bulk Instruction Mode submissions.
  • Schedule Builder Notes/Requests. Used by Campus Schedulers to find new Notes/Requests from the Meeting tab.
  • Schedule Builder Comments. Used by Department Schedulers to find comments from Campus Schedulers.
  • Exam Notes. Used by Campus Schedulers to find new Final Exam Notes/Requests from the Exam tab.
  • Combined Courses. Listing of classes that are in the Combined Section table. Shows Primary Instruction section and LMS flagging.
  • Uncombined Courses. Courses that are not in the Combined Section Table but should be (XLST or CONJ Class Attribute)
  • Final Exam. Lists Final Exam information once it has been added by the Campus Scheduler.

Unapproved Course Report
Academic Room Scheduling