Instructor Assignments


Blackboard Roles
Adding instructor assignments in myWSU has a direct correlation to the role they are assigned in Blackboard (see table below). At this time all 8 roles have the same ability to maintain course information in Blackboard.

myWSU Role Blackboard Role
Primary Instructor with Gradebook Access Instructor (has grade book access)
Primary Instructor without Gradebook Access Primary Course Builder
Secondary Instructor with Gradebook Access Secondary Instructor (has grade book access)
Secondary Instructor without Gradebook Access Secondary Course Builder
TA with Gradebook Access TA (has grade book access)
TA without Gradebook Access Course Builder
Admin Support with Gradebook Access Admin Support (has grade book access)
Admin Support without Gradebook Access Admin Course Builder


Gradebook Access
The gradebook access assigned to an Instructor, TA or Admin Support in myWSU will be the same access for myWSU grading as well as Blackboard grading. If you give a TA gradebook access in myWSU, they will be able to see the grade book in Blackboard as well as assign mid-term and final grades.

In the example below, this Instructor has been assigned as the Primary Instructor with gradebook access in both Blackboard and myWSU.

In the example below, the Instructor and Admin Support will have gradebook access in both Blackboard and myWSU. However, the TA assigned will not have grade book access in either Blackboard or myWSU.

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