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Edit Academic Event request - Draft Status only


In the Your Event Drafts frame, click on # Event Drafts in which you are the Requestor link (highlighted below).

This shows you all of the Event Drafts you have requestedClick on the Event Draft you want to edit.

From here you can do the following:

  • Click Edit this Event
    • This opens the Event Wizard and you can go back through each step of the wizard and make changes.
  • Click More Actions and you have a list of options to choose from.
    • Copy this Event
      • Use this for Event Requests that have multiple days and different times for some of the dates
        • Ex: Alive, FFA, Writing Program Exams
      • Email Event Details
        • Use this to send a message to the Campus Scheduler to cancel the event request.

Edit Academic Event request - Draft Status only
Event Scheduling