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Canvas Information for Schedulers

The Canvas learning management system is a replacement for Blackboard Learn that will be implemented system-wide starting Fall 2021. Select sections will transition to Canvas during Fall 2020, Spring 2021, and Summer 2021 semesters. More information about Canvas.

Flag Sections for Canvas in myWSU

Flagging takes place in myWSU in the Schedule Builder applications. Stand-alone sections are flagged in Maintain Schedule of Classes by the Department Scheduler. When an instructor wishes to create a single course space for several sections with the same catalog number, the Primary Instruction Section is also updated in Maintain Schedule of Classes.

Combined Sections are flagged in the Combined Section Table, and must be coded by the Campus Scheduler. This includes crosslisted, conjoint, videoconference, and "blended with Global" sections.

Once courses are flagged, it takes 1 - 2 hours to load into Canvas.

Stand-Alone Sections

Coded by Department Schedulers. These sections are not in a combined section. 

Coding: Maintain Schedule of Classes

myWSU > Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Schedule Builder > Maintain Schedule of Classes > Basic Data tab.

Primary Instr Section

Use the magnifying glass to select the Primary Instruction Section. By default this number will match the Section Number. When the instructor would like multiple sections merged into one course shell, set each section to have the same Primary Instr Section number. The section number entered in Primary Instr Section will represent the parent section in Canvas.

Class Attributes

Use the magnifying glass to make the following selections:

Course Attribute: LMS
Course Attribute Value: CANVAS

Maintain Schedule of Classes coding example in basic data tab

Combined Sections

Must be coded by Campus Schedulers. Please leave a Notes/Request.

It is not necessary that these sections be coded in Maintain Schedule of Classes, though no harm is done if they are also coded there. Please contact your Campus Scheduler through normal channels to request that a combined section be flagged for Canvas.

Coding: Combined Sections Table

myWSU > Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Combined Sections > Combined Sections Table > View Combined Sections.

Additional Attributes

Use the dropdown & magnifying glasses to make the following selection:

Attribute: Learning Management System: CANVAS

Add a new row (select +) then use the dropdown & magnifying glasses to make the following selection:

Attribute: Primary Instruction Section: xxx
Choosing the Primary Instruction Section
  • Blended Global class: The Global section
  • Conjoint classes: 4xx level section
  • Cross Listed classes: Owner listed in the Catalog and Maintain Schedule of Classes
  • Videoconference classes: Originating campus

Combined sections table coding example

Maintain Schedule of Classes combined class coding example


Implementation Schedule

  • Fall 2021: Canvas is the default. Blackboard Learn no longer available.
  • Spring 2021 & Summer 2021: Blackboard Learn is the default. Canvas is available for all campuses except Global. 
  • Fall 2020: Blackboard Learn is the default. Canvas Pilot with 3000 users

Canvas Waitlist

Students on the Waitlist can be given access to the LMS in Maintain Schedule of Classes. This works just like the Blackboard Waitlist attribute. See the example in the image under Stand-Alone Sections.

Course Attribute: CVWL
Course Attribute Value: YES
Canvas Information for Schedulers
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