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Getting Started: Access & Training

Department Scheduler Training

Welcome to Schedule Builder Videos! Our videos will teach Department Schedulers to set up, edit, and approve academic courses and sections. This video will show you how to obtain access and training to use the Schedule Builder applications.

Access and Training

The Schedule Builder applications are the tools that Department Schedulers use to set up, edit, and approve academic courses and sections. Your department signing authority must request access to the applications through the Crimson Service Desk(links are in the sidebar)

  • Submit a myWSU Access Request

Detailed instructions regarding the needed access can be found on the Academic Scheduler website under Schedule Builder > Access and Training. Temporary access is granted for the Training Class and permanent access is granted after completion of the training.


Your training will be most effective if you prepare for the class. Links to many resources can be found on the Access and Training page. We recommend that you:

  • read the Academic Scheduler Handbook
  • view our Department Scheduler videos or the older UPKs
  • join the scheduler listserv, and
  • familiarize yourself with our website.

The Academic Scheduler website has been set up to be a resource for Department and Campus Schedulers. You will find:

  • current announcements,
  • links to 25Live and training guides
  • contact information for other schedulers
  • scheduling deadlines
  • GUC information
  • Exam information
  • Past newsletters, and
  • Detailed instructions on using the Schedule Builder applications

Schedule the training through HRS

myWSU: Schedule Builder Training is scheduled through the HRS Learning Catalog. If a class is not listed, you can request training by emailing us. Zoom is available for those who are not on the Pullman campus. Our classes are also posted on the homepage of the Academic Scheduling website.

myWSU: Schedule Builder Training

The myWSU: Schedule Builder Training class is a two hour hands-on course. The class is held in a computer lab where you can see our screens and try things out on your own. We will confirm that you have access to the applications, walk you through the basics of setting up and editing a course or section, explain Maintain Schedule of Classes in detail, and answer your questions. As scheduling is an evolving practice, we highly welcome returning students who would like to update their skills.

For more information

For more information, visit the Academic Scheduling website and check out our Department Scheduler video series.

Recorded 12/30/19

Links in Video

Academic Scheduler website

Crimson Service Desk

HRS Learning Catalog

Email us at:


Videos are recorded using Campus Scheduler access in myWSU. Your access may look a little different.

Access and Training
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