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OBIEE Reports

Access OBIEE Reports from myWSU under the Main Menu. Department Schedulers will use the Dashboards WSU Schedule Builder and WSU Data Validation.

  • Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge work for OBIEE Reports.
  • Pop-up blocker must be OFF.
  • Most reports will export with duplicate rows. This occurs because a row is added when there are multiple values in the same field. For instance, if two instructors are listed, two copies of the class information will export, one with each instructor listed. Class Attributes will also create extra rows. Information on Exporting reports to Excel and removing duplicates.

WSU Schedule Builder dashboard

Schedule Builder reports

WSU Data Validation dashboard

WSU Enrollment Summary Reports dashboard

Filtering options

Save a customized report

Exporting reports

The Schedule Builder Reports

These instructions show an older version of our reports. You can access the same reports using the "Select View" dropdown in the Schedule Builder Reports report. Note that when the "Approval Ind" dropdown is used, this only impacts the screen view. You must update the "Approval Ind" filter in the middle of the page to filter results when exporting.

Approved/Unapproved Course report

Combined/Uncombined Course report

New Condensed Schedule Builder Data report

Notes/Requests and Schedule Builder Notes/Requests reports

Schedule Builder Data report

Simplified SBD report

OBIEE Reports
Academic Room Scheduling