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OBIEE Reports

OBIEE Reports are found in the Main Menu under OBIEE Reporting (11g).  From there click Dashboards, click WSU Schedule Builder and select Schedule Builder.

  • It is recommended that you use either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for OBIEE Reports.
  • Make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off.


Under the Schedule Builder Dashboard you will find the following reports.  Click on each report for more information.


To refresh an OBIEE report, click the 3 lines in the top right corner and select Refresh.

OBIEE for Schedulers

Favorite Scheduling Reports

  • APPROVED Course Report: List of classes that have the APPROVED checkbox checked in Maintain Schedule of Classes.
    • Use to make sure that all courses you want to be active have been approved.
    • Use to verify room assignment (Facility), units, capacities, day/time, and primary instruction section (for uncombined sections)
  • UNAPPROVED Course Report: List of classes that do not have the APPROVED checkbox checked in Maintain Schedule of Classes.
    • Use to see which sections have not been APPROVED. They will not be activated until you approve them.
  • Schedule Builder Data: Basically a master report with most, but not all, information. Melissa’s favorite report.
  • New Condensed Sched. Builder Data: A condensed version of Schedule Builder Data
    • The same information as Approved or Unapproved Course Reports
  • COVID – Add Supplemental Data: Jill’s favorite report
    • Adds Facility Capacity and Enrollment Total
    • Has blank columns for comments or bulk update submissions.
  • Combined Courses: Shows courses that are combined, the Section ID and Description, and the Primary Instruction Section for Combined sections in CANVAS.
  • UnCombined Courses: Shows courses that have a XLST or CONJ course attribute, but are not combined in the Combined Section Table.
OBIEE Reports
Academic Room Scheduling