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Proofing the Schedule of Classes

If you are new to scheduling, visit our Getting Started page.

What is Proofing?

Proofing is the period of time when department schedulers review and approve courses to prepare the next Schedule of Classes (SOC). Traditionally, there are two periods of Proofing, Initial and Final. During COVID-19 scheduling, just one proofing window is scheduled. For the Pullman campus, a rough window for proofing would be:

  • Fall: December - February Proofing. SOC posts March 1
  • Spring: July - September Proofing. SOC posts October 1

Proofing schedules vary by campus. Check with Campus Scheduler at each campus for more specific dates.

Initial Proofing

The first official proofing opportunity for department schedulers for the new term. For proofing dates, visit the Deadlines page.

Initial proofing is the period where department schedulers review the new term, update sections that were copied, open new sections, and approve sections that are ready for activation by the Campus Scheduler. Requests for rooms may be added to the Internal Notes area for later reference.

Although the new term is available to department schedulers as soon as the term is rolled, the Campus Scheduler "cleans up" the new term prior to officially announcing the start of proofing.

After Initial Proofing ends, the Campus Scheduler updates all Notes/Requests and runs the Room Optimizer to assign GUCs to sections with a facility code GUC_TBS or VC_PUL. More information about Room Assignments.

Final Proofing

Department Schedulers review room assignments as scheduled by the Optimizer/Campus Scheduler. Notes/Requests are added to Maintain Schedule of Classes when the course has been approved. Sections approved by the end of final proofing will be activated in time for the Schedule of Classes to be live.

Schedule of Classes published

Department Schedulers may continue to add/update sections to the term through the 10th Day of Classes of the term by leaving a Notes/Request in Maintain Schedule of Classes. Requests after that date are discouraged, though possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't see my classes in SOC!

When are rooms assigned?

When do classes appear in the RONet Schedule of Classes?

May I make changes to my classes after Proofing closes?



Find the Scheduling Calendar with Proofing timelines on our Deadlines pages

Instructor Assignments

Instructors must be active in the Instructor/Advisor Table in myWSU. See Instructor Assignments for more information.

Cancelling sections

Department Schedulers do not have access to cancel a section. Actions to take to cancel a section:

  • Change Enrollment Capacity to 0 (zero).
  • Notify any students enrolled PRIOR to leaving a Notes/Request for the course to be cancelled. When we cancel, the roster is erased.
  • Leave a Notes/Request for the Campus Scheduler to cancel the section.
    • Cancelled Section: Used when the course is "permanently" cancelled and will not be taught the following year.
    • Tentative Section: Used when the course or section is cancelled for a single term.
    • Students who are enrolled will be removed from the course. The department MUST notify the students prior to requesting that the course be cancelled.
  • Alternative: Leave a Notes/Request for the Campus Scheduler to "Stop Further Enrollment". This will hide the course and stop enrollment, giving you time to notify the students. Don't forget to leave another Notes/Request to have us cancel the course.
Proofing Procedures and Guidelines
Academic Room Scheduling