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Building Preferences in 25Live

25Live Building Preferences by Organization & Partition

Room preferences are determined by Organization. Building partitions include one or more specific GUC spaces; use the Partition links in the right sidebar to view spaces within a partition. The Room Optimizer will attempt to schedule Priority 1 spaces first, then move to Priority 2 and 3. Priority 4 spaces are used when no other space is available.

Select "+" to open your Academic Organization. A partition must be listed to be scheduled; it is better to receive an undesireable room that can be traded vs. no room. We recommend that all partitions be listed for your organization.

Partition Descriptions

The Pullman Campus maintains a list of partitions used with the 25Live Room Optimizer in Smartsheet.


Select the "+" to open the partition and see which rooms are considered part of this Partition in 25Live. Partitions that are not listed, such as "Tflo" or "Vden", are partitions on other campuses. TriCities partitions start with "T", Vancouver's start with "V", and Spokane's start with "S".

Academic Room Scheduling