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Getting Started: Schedule Builder Applications

Department Scheduler Training

Welcome to Schedule Builder Videos! Our videos will teach Department Schedulers to set up, edit, and approve academic courses and sections. This video will show you where to find the Schedule Builder applications.

Schedule Builder Applications

Schedule Builder is a set of applications used to set up, edit, and approve academic courses and sections in myWSU. OBIEE Reporting Schedule Builder Dashboard provides reports customized for scheduling. Department Schedulers will also utilize 25Live Pro, a separate web application, to search for available classrooms and request rooms for exams.

myWSU Applications

The Schedule Builder applications are located in MyWSU > Main Menu > Curriculum Management.

The four primary applications for scheduling are in the Schedule of Classes folder. MyWSU > Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes.

  • Approve Courses
    • Used to bulk approve courses by subject and/or campus
  • Schedule New Course
    • Used to open a course that is not currently in Maintain Schedule of Classes
  • Maintain Schedule of Classes
    • Used to add or update sections for a course previously created in Schedule New Course or rolled from a previous semester
  • Schedule Class Meetings
    • Used for Combined courses to add Facility, Meeting time, and Instructor

For instructor management go to: MyWSU > Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Instructor/Advisor Information.

  • Instructor/Advisor Table
    • Used to add or delete instructors and to approve them by subject

For facility information, go to: MyWSU > Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Facility and Event Information.

  • Class Facility Usage
    • Used to determine when a room has been scheduled for a class. 25Live is preferred unless the semester is in Initial Proofing.

OBIEE Reporting

OBIEE Reporting is found in the Main Menu. Schedule Builder Reports are located in the Schedule Builder Dashboard. The reports can be filtered by term, campus, subject, and other criteria. We suggest that Department Schedulers become familiar with:

  • New Condensed Schedule Builder Data
    • Customized for Department Schedulers to contain a condensed view of courses and sections
  • Schedule Builder Data
    • Used when the condensed version does not contain enough information
  • Schedule Builder Comments
    • Used to see comments by subject left by the Campus Scheduler
  • Schedule Builder Exams
    • Used to see scheduled exams, including Final Exams

25Live Pro

25Live Pro is used in conjunction with myWSU to schedule classrooms and other spaces on each campus. Academic courses are scheduled in myWSU and are exported into 25Live to provide a user-friendly view of classroom utilization. Non-credit bearing events and exam requests are scheduled directly in the application. URLs for each campus’ instance of 25Live and instructions for using 25Live can be found on the Academic Scheduling homepage.

For more information

For more information, visit the Academic Scheduling website and check out our Department Scheduler video series.


Links in Video

Academic Scheduler website

  • Our video was recorded using Campus Scheduler access in myWSU. What you see may be a little different.
  • For instructions on saving the applications as favorites, see our “Hot Tips” video.
Schedule Builder Applications
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