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Maintain Schedule of Classes Overview

Department Scheduler Training

Welcome to Schedule Builder Videos! Our videos will teach Department Schedulers to set up, edit, and approve academic courses and sections. This video is an overview of Maintain Schedule of Classes. Most of your scheduling work will be done in this application.

Maintain Schedule of Classes is used to add or update courses created during a term roll or in Schedule New Course. If you need to add a new course, use Schedule New Course.

Finding the application

To find Maintain Schedule of Classes, go to myWSU > Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Maintain Schedule of Classes.


Complete the Search Criteria. For this video we will use BIOLOGY 102 for Spring 2020

  • Academic Institution: is always WSUNV
  • Term: Type in 2203 or use the magnifying glass
  • Subject Area: Use the magnifying glass to select BIOLOGY
  • Campus: PULLM

Choose SEARCH to show all BIOLOGY courses.

You can enter the Catalog Number to search just for BIOLOGY 102 or select BIOLOGY 102 from the list the appears below. This option allows you to scroll through the rest of the courses after you edit the first course. Click anywhere in the course to select it.

The tabs

Maintain Schedule of Classes has several tabs. Department schedulers will use:

  • Basic Data
  • Meetings
  • Enrollment Control
  • Reserve Capacity
  • SOC Notes
  • Exam
  • Comments


You can navigate through the Class Sections by using:

  • Find: this works best with two or three digits
  • View All: to see all the sections at once
  • First & Last: to view the first and last section
  • Or, the arrow buttons: to scroll

Sections are not automatically sorted. New sections will be added AFTER the section you are in when you choose “+”. Consider this when adding new Class Sections.

At the bottom of the page, you have options to:

  • Save: to Save changes made to the course. It is recommended to Save your work after each edit.
  • Return to Search: returns you to the initial search.
  • Previous in List/Next in List: If you did not select a specific course in the initial search, you can scroll through the other courses using these buttons. Next is Biology 105. Now Biology 106…

Other Options

At the top right of the page, Related Content opens certain applications in the same window. This is especially useful when working with combined sections. For instance, you could edit the instructor in Schedule Class Meetings, then go back to Maintain Schedule of Classes to make section specific edits, such as enrollment capacity.

New Window opens another window in myWSU, so that you can have another application open at the same time. For instance, you may want to check Class Facility Usage while you are editing a section. New window allows you to have both open at the same time.

For more information

For more information, visit the Academic Scheduling website and check out our Department Scheduler video series.


Links in Video

Academic Scheduling website

  • Our video was recorded using Campus Scheduler access in myWSU. What you see may be a little different.
  • You will have View Only access initially. Your Department Approver can request Edit Access through Crimson Service Desk. Schedule Builder Training is required. See our video  Getting Started: Access & Training.
  • View our video on Hot Tips to learn how to Save your Search.
  • If the Comments tab is not visible, you do not have SR 42 access.
  • Do not edit in View All mode. Save is unreliable and random in View All mode.

Maintain Schedule of Classes Overview
Academic Room Scheduling