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Schedule Builder Access & Training

How do I obtain access to Schedule Builder?

The Schedule Builder applications require specific access in myWSU. Your department signing authority must request this for you PRIOR to the training. This access will be temporarily granted for the "myWSU: Schedule Builder" training class. When you have successfully completed your training, your access will be granted permanently. 

The Training Process: Overview

  1. Sign up for the Schedule Builder Training.
  2. Request myWSU access from Crimson Service Desk (CSD).
  3. Prepare for class. Review the available scheduling resources.

The Training Process: Details

Though you'll want to schedule your Schedule Builder training class first, do request your myWSU access with CSD as soon as you have your date. They will hold your access until that date.

1. Training Registration

2. Request myWSU Access

3. Academic Scheduler Resources

Pullman Specific Resources

These resources are geared to Pullman academic schedulers, however any WSU personnel are invited to join the listserv or our meetings.

  • Scheduler_dept Listserv. Email reminders of deadlines, policy changes, updates, and more. Highly recommended.
  • Monthly Pullman Department Scheduler meetings. The 2nd Tuesday monthly at 9am. Request an Outlook invite. The Pullman Campus Schedulers are available for questions and to present updates and how-tos. A great way to easily keep up on the latest news.
  • Pullman Deadlines

Schedule Builder Training

Previously recorded video of SB Training Recorded 4/23/20.

New Department Scheduler Roles

The roles required for a new Department Scheduler are listed in the Request Access section on the left (number 2.)

List of Schedule Builder Roles

Schedule Builder Access and Training
Academic Room Scheduling