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MSC: Reserve Capacity

Reserve Capacity is used to reserve seats for certain student populations.  All Departments have the ability to reserve seats for Seniors or Juniors/Seniors.

Reserve Capacity Sequence field

Used for adding additional requirement groups. A new sequence number is needed for each different Requirement Group.

  • Only one requirement group can be added per Reserve Capacity Sequence number.
  • Add additional requirement groups by selecting "+".

Enrollment Total field

The Enrollment Total field displays how many of the reserved seats have been utilized.

Start Date field

Date to begin reserving seats.

  • Typical dates start prior to registration.
  • Typically a second row is added to remove the limit prior to instruction, allowing other students to fill the class.

Example dates might be adding a reserve capacity for Seniors the month before registration starts (to allow for NCO), then removing it the week before classes start. Removing the Reserve Capacity allows students on the Waitlist to enroll.

Requirement Group field

The Requirement Group field lists the specific requirement group. 

All subjects have the Senior and Junior/Senior Requirement Group based on class standing. This group does not factor in academic interest or major.

  • Senior Reserve Cap: Any student who will have senior status at the completion of the current term. Major is not considered.
  • Junior/Sr Reserve Cap: Any student who will have junior/senior status at the completion of the current term. Major is not considered.

Some Departments other reserve capacities, such as academic interest.

Cap Enrl field

The Capacity Enrollment field sets the number of seats being reserved for that Requirement Group.

Reserve Capacity Tab

Query to view classes with Reserve Capacity

To view all Sections with reserve capacities for a term go to Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer.  Search for CLASSES_W_RSRV_CAP.

Request a New Reserve Capacity

Reserve Cap tab
Academic Room Scheduling