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Training Videos

We have started to create training videos for scheduling. You can find them on our Videos page. If you have a suggestion for a video, please email Jill.

Updated Training Guides

We have updated our 25Live training guides in the right sidebar. NEW! We have created an Event Type for your Room Search Event. Please use "X DRAFT" as the event type when you create a new Room Search Event. All current Room Search Events that were using 25L Pullman Academic Event were updated. We were thrilled to see how many departmental Room Search Events are out there! Great job! You may want to set up a second search for Fall 2020, for example "Butch's Room Search - Fall". You can keep your Spring search and just update the dates for Spring 2021, if you like.

Fall 2020 Proofing

  • Initial Proofing is closed.
  • Proofing Blackout: 12/9/19 to 2/2/20. Melissa is:
    • Updating room preferences in Optimizer
    • Running the room Optimizer to schedule classrooms
    • Fixing errors, finding mistakes, working to find rooms for as many sections as possible
  • Final Proofing: February 3-23, 2020. Updates made after 2/23/20 will take up to a week to process.
  • Schedule of Classes posts: March 2, 2020

Catch up on the old Newsletters

We've created a page to archive newsletters. If you've missed one, or want to remember something we covered, you can find them with a list of topics.

Previous Announcements

Schedule Builder Classes

Do you want a refresher on the Schedule Builder applications in myWSU? Are you new to scheduling and need access to Schedule Builder applications? For more information on access and training, find it in the Schedule Builder training pages. We do not have any classes planned for early 2020 as WorkDay is using our normal lab. Send Jill Freuden an email if you are interested in a class; we can set up a temporary lab in Lighty if needed.

Fall 2020 Initial Proofing CLOSES 12/8/19

We highly recommend that approve any section that you might want to use for Fall 2020, especially those upper level courses that don't require rooms. You can control enrollment using Enrollment Capacity and if you set it at 0, the course will not show up in Schedule of Classes. For more information on proofing, visit our Proofing page.

Fall 2020: Change Standard Meeting Times

To allow a buffer between MWF and TH standard meeting times when a course uses both times, such as MTWH, we have moved Tuesday/Thursday meeting times five minutes later starting at noon. For example, courses that were 12:00 to 1:15pm using the old meeting times will meet 12:05 to 1:20pm starting Fall 2020.

New Standard Meeting Times Chart

25Live Pro is live!

All WSU instances of 25Live moved to 25Live Pro at 6am on Monday, October 7, 2019. If you need help or training, see our guides in the sidebar, "25Live Pro Instructions" and "Room Search Event" for Academic Schedulers. We offered five Open Labs over three weeks. If you need further assistance, reach out to the scheduling team.

Final Proofing for Spring 2020 is CLOSED

Further changes to Spring 2020 will take up to one week to process. We highly recommend that you date and initial any request that you submit via the "Notes/Request" field in Maintain Schedule of Classes. 

Join our Listserv

Join our cleverly named Schedulers_dept listserv for Department and Event Schedulers. Use this link to join. Academic scheduling announcements, our newsletters, and other messages will be sent through the list.

Fewer Emails in 25Live

Tuesday, September 3, 2019 we turn off the auto-emails when you submit your events in 25Live. You will receive an email when your event is confirmed or we have questions. Find your events by using "Search by Event" in 25Live. All events that you Schedule or Request will be listed.

Instruction Mode: myWSU Maintain Schedule of Classes

In November, 2019, Instruction Mode was updated and the Class Attribute: OLT (Online Learning Type) was removed for all campuses starting Fall 2019 (2197). The following screenshot is displayed in Maintain Schedule of Classes. See our Schedule Builder training pages for details on how to use the updated Instruction Mode. classifications.

Instruction Mode Options