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LMS Management in myWSU - New!

Manage LMS Course Spaces is available until the first day of instruction each term.

After the first day of instruction, a campus scheduler has access to Manage LMS Course Spaces. The Primary Instruction Section should not be changed after content has been created - the content will no longer be available when the Primary Instruction Section changes.

New LMS Components

Effective 3/28/22 new LMS components were added to myWSU to manage courses in Canvas, or a future Learning Management System (LMS). The components are part of the Schedule Builder Applications. 

Knowledge Base Articles

Maintain LMS Course Spaces

Available 3/28/22. Other methods of flagging sections for Canvas will be retired 4/1/22. Department Schedulers have access to edit Maintain LMS Course Spaces (excluded AOI Sub Account) until the first day of the term. The last day to access Summer 2022 is 5/8/22. The last day to access Fall 2022 is 8/21/22. Leave a Notes/Request in Maintain Schedule of Classes to request updates after these dates.

Getting started

What can Department Schedulers do?

AOI Sub Account and Global Campus

Flag Sections for Canvas (LMS)

Allow Waitlisted students access to Canvas (LMS)

Extend the end date of Canvas (LMS)

Considerations before changing Primary Section or merging course spaces

Merge sections to share the same course space

How long does it take a new class to show up in MLCS?

Maintain LMS Users

Available 3/28/22. Admin Support will be removed from Maintain Schedule of Classes on 8/8/22.

Getting started

What can Department Schedulers do?

Admin Support in Maintain LMS Users

Admin Support in the Instructor/Advisor Table

Grading with Grade Roster

Adding a Student as an Incomplete

Do "child" sections need to have users added when a course is merged in the LMS?


LMS Component Visibility

  • Campus Schedulers: Now
  • Department Schedulers: Now

Training Dates 2022

Training was completed 3/30/22. Link to the training recording.


  • Certain Class Attributes: 4/1/22
  • Admin Support Role: 8/8/22

Supporting Information

LMS Sub Accounts

Combined sections

Course evaluatations

Retiring components in myWSU

Required fields to create a Canvas course space

How long before a change is active in Canvas?

If LMS is changed from Canvas to NONE will a created course space be removed?

What happened to the Override checkbox?

Which OBIEE Reports can we use with the new component?

Academic Room Scheduling