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Getting Started with Proofing

A new term is copied from the same term the previous year: Fall copies to Fall and Spring copies to Spring. For example, Fall 2023 is copied to start Fall 2024. Proofing timeline.

Download a copy of the new term from OBIEE.

The Unapproved Course report is a good first report to run. More information on using OBIEE.

Consult with your department

  • Which classes will be offered?
  • How many sections will be offered?
  • What time/day/session will each be taught?
  • What size/type of room is needed?
  • Can a department space be used or does the class need a GUC space?
  • What is the instruction mode?
  • Which courses need Department Consent?
  • Which courses need Reserve Capacity?
  • Any other special features needed?

Update the sections in Maintain Schedule of Classes (MSC)

  • If a course is not available in MSC, use Schedule New Class to start a section.
  • When the course is ready, select Approve in the Basic Data tab. The course will be activated according to campus policy. Pullman courses will be activated that night.
  • Proofing Instructions
  • Using Maintain Schedule of Classes
Getting Started
Academic Room Scheduling