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Add a New Instructor

Academic Room Scheduling

Instructor/Advisor Table

Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Instructor/Advisor Information > Instructor/Advisor Table

  • Find the desired individual using WSU ID (with leading 0, ex:  099999999) or Last Name, First Name.
  • Select Search

Instructor/Advisor Table tab

New Instructor details.jpg

Instructor Details

  • Effective Date: First day of the previous term 
    • Default is today's date. You will not be able to add the instructor if the semester has started unless you backdate the entry.
    • If you save the wrong date, contact the Campus Scheduler to fix the error.
  • Status: Active
  • Instructor Type: Instructor
    • Use Instructor for everyone. Ignore the other options.
  • Primary Acad Org: Update with the correct Academic Organization.
    • Use the magnifying glass.
    • Select Description to sort by Description
  • DO NOT select SAVE yet!

Approved Courses tab

New Instructor Courses added.jpg

Course Description

Update Acad Org, Subject Area, and Campus only. Course ID & Offer Nbr will disappear after Acad Org is updated. Select "+" to add more rows.

  • Acad Org: Use the magnifying glass then select Description to sort or find in the Subject Area listing
  • Subject Area: Use the magnifying glass then select Subject Area or Description to sort
  • Campus: Use the magnifying glass to select the correct Campus. You must add all Subjects for each Campus.
  • Crosslisted Courses: Add all Subjects in the cross listed group

Save your entries.

This Instructor is now available to update in Maintain Schedule of Classes.

Add a New Instructor
Academic Room Scheduling