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Academic Scheduling: Fall & Spring

Some content on this site is specific to the Pullman campus. If you have suggestions, find an error, or have other comments about this site, email the webmaster. If you have questions about the Pullman Summer/Winter sessions, please contact Global Campus.

Session Dates Spring 2025

Updated 4/30/24

Did you know that the Session that you choose impacts the student drop/withdraw dates? If you choose Session 1 (Regular Session) and change the Start/End dates in Maintain Schedule of Classes, this does not change the drop/withdraw dates and causes issues for students that can require a missed academic deadline petition to fix. Additionally, we are not able to change the selected session if students are enrolled in the section. If an error is found, students must be removed from the course to fix the session, or a new session created to swap the students into a correctly coded class. Effective Spring 2025, we will no longer allow Start/End dates on the Basic Data tab to be changed in Maintain Schedule of Classes.

VC Exception to EPPM 14 form

updated 10/6/23

A process to obtain Videoconference (VC) exceptions from the Department Chair and report them to the Provost's Office was implemented during December 2022. Videoconference courses often use Zoom as the VC technology and traditionally are taught in a VC (82) Classroom with students present in the room. More information and the link to the form.

An exception is required when:

  • The instructor is not teaching from the same classroom as the students on the originating campus.
  • Students are not in a classroom on the Originating campus.
  • Students are not in a classroom on the Receiving campus.

GUC Locked for a Scheduled Class?

updated 8/28/23

Many of our GUC spaces use automatic door locks that lock and unlock the space when it is scheduled. If your class is scheduled in myWSU and the room is not open at the scheduled time, call 5-9000 on the Pullman campus to have a mechanic or custodian unlock the door.

Provost Guidelines for Academic Scheduling

posted 8/17/21

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