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Schedule Builder Access & Training

How do I obtain access to Schedule Builder?

The Schedule Builder applications require specific access in myWSU. Your department signing authority must request this for you PRIOR to the training. This access will be temporarily granted for the "myWSU: Schedule Builder" training class. When you have successfully completed your training, your access will be granted permanently. 

The Training Process: Overview

  1. Sign up for the Schedule Builder Training (find the link below).
  2. Request Access to the Schedule Builder applications from Crimson Service Desk (CSD).
  3. Prepare for class. Watch our videos, read the manual.
  4. Join the Department Schedule listserv to stay current on events.

The Training Process: Details

Though you'll want to schedule your Schedule Builder training class first, do request your myWSU access with CSD as soon as you have your date. They will hold your access until that date.

1. Schedule Builder Training Class

myWSU: Schedule Builder Training is required for permanent Schedule Builder application access. This is a hands-on training and you will have the best experience if you can be interactive. The classes are currently conducted via Zoom. We recommend a microphone and two monitors. You will can to see our presentation and work in myWSU at the same time. If you have questions, you will be able to share your screen with Zoom. Sign-up for Schedule Builder Training.

Training includes:

  • How to access the Schedule Builder applications
  • Resources and Instructions
  • Scheduling policies and procedures
  • Tips and shortcuts to save time

2. Request Schedule Builder access 

Request Schedule Builder access via the Crimson Service Desk jira portal and share it with Access will not be granted until the day of training and will be removed if training is not completed.

  • Select the Staff button.
  • Select myWSU Access Request.
  • Area Authority is your department/unit area signature authority.
  • In the Description field include the following information for the departments, subjects, or college that you will be responsible for scheduling and maintaining the Schedule of Classes:

    • Date of your Schedule Builder Training Class (you signed up in the first step)
    • College, Department Name, or Academic Organization you will schedule for.
    • Subjects that you will schedule. Example: CHEM, BIOLOGY, etc.
    • Campuses that you need access to schedule at. All department schedulers have view only access to courses on all campuses. You will need Edit access to update the schedule of classes on another campus. Most campuses prefer that department schedulers go through the department or campus schedulers on their campus instead up updating the course schedule directly.
    • Roles (copy the list below). Department Schedulers need the following roles in myWSU:
      • WSU CS SR42 Access to myWSU for Maintain Schedule of Classes and other applications.
      • WSU CS SR43 Reserve Capacity Add a defined Reserve Capacity in Maintain Schedule of Classes.
      • W BI SCHEDULER OBIEE Schedule Builder Dashboard
      • WSU CS SR 06 CM Instr Advisor Instructor/Advisor Table
    • Do you need access to approve grades for your subjects? New for 2022! You will need the role: 
      • WSU CS SR59 Enter Grades
    • Once created, share your request with and your supervisor in your request.

    Overall access is granted by the Registrar's Office. Your access must be requested PRIOR to attending class; you will not be able to follow along in the class without access. You'll be given temporary access for the class; the access will become permanent once you complete training. Access to department subjects will be approved by your area authority. More Information on Schedule Builder Roles

    3. Prepare for class

    Department schedulers have complicated jobs and most are scheduling as just one of several roles. We provide reference materials to answer questions that you'll have before and after training. Please review the materials before you attend class.

    Training Videos

    We have started to create our own Panopto training videos. You'll find them at Instructions > Videos. We currently have videos & transcripts for:

    Alternative: The old UPK training videos are still available but do not have sound. See the right sidebar for instructions on using them.

    Academic Scheduling Handbook

    The Academic Scheduling Handbook. This handbook is out of date. Please refer to our Instructions and Proofing pages for the most current information.

    Our website, especially the Schedule Builder pages

    This website was designed to be a resource for Schedulers at WSU. You'll find information about:

    4. Join the Department Scheduler Listserv

    The Schedulers_dept listserv is the primary communication device for Department and Campus Schedulers. We send out periodic newsletters to provide additional training and update schedulers on current procedures and information. We post previous newsletters on our website.

Schedule Builder Training

Previously recorded video of SB Training Recorded 4/23/20.

New Department Scheduler Roles

The roles required for a new Department Scheduler are listed in the Request Access section on the left (number 2.)

List of Schedule Builder Roles

A listing of all the various roles for reference only.

List of Area Approvers


UPK "Print it!" Instructions : Very old information

The UPKs are an old series of videos for learning Schedule Builder concepts. They were created using Adobe Flash Player, which is no longer available, but you can read the transcript and follow the instructions in myWSU.

  • Navigate to the Student UPKs from the sidebar of the Registrar home page or follow this link.
  • Select "Schedule Builder" then open the files that start with SR 42 for Department Schedulers and SR 43 to learn about Reserve Capacity.
  • Select a file, read the basic information in the yellow area, then open the HTML section labeled Print It! to see written instructions. Print them and follow the instructions in myWSU. You may not have access to edit fields until the day of your Schedule Builder training, but you should be able to view the applications in myWSU.

UPK Print It! location

UPK InstructionsUPK Instructions

Schedule Builder Access and Training
Academic Room Scheduling