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Schedule Builder Roles

This list shows the available roles with access to Schedule Builder applications. Users do not need access to all roles; some roles will reduce access. Department Schedulers need SR42, which will not work if SR41 is active.

Schedule Builder Roles List

Role Number Role Name Description Notes
SR 01 WSU CS SR 01 Lead

Gives Correct History access in Instructor Advisor table.


SR 04 WSU CS SR 04 CM  Sched Editor

Full update access to Schedule of Classes data including Combined Sections and other related components.

Campus Scheduler & RO Staff.

Does not work if SR42 is assigned.

SR 05 WSU CS SR 05 CM  Facility

Full update access to Facility table and Building table for use with maintaining facility data in myWSU.

Campus Scheduler.

SR 06 WSU CS SR 06 CM  Instr Advisor

Update access to add instructors and teaching assistants to the Instructor/Advisor table and authorize them to teach in subject areas and campuses. 

Required to add instructors to courses in Maintain Schedule of Classes.

Department & Campus Schedulers.

SR 07 WSU CS SR 07 CM Catalog View

Gives view-only access to Catalog detail information

Provides access using Acad Org security

SR 08 WSU CS SR 08 CM Sched View

View only access to Schedule Builder components within Curriculum Management based on row level security. 

Not needed when SR 41, SR 42 or SR 46 given

SR 41 WSU CS SR 41
Dept Coll Proofer

Update access to Maintain Schedule of Classes, Schedule Class Meetings, Schedule New Course, Update Sections of a Class, Adjust Class Associates (limited). View access to Combined Sections, Facility Table. Based on Academic Org row level security.

Update/proofing access to courses that have been built by the department scheduler.


The Comments field is not visible.

Must be removed to add SR42.

SR 42 WSU CS SR 42 Academic Schedule

Update access to Approve Sections component as well as Approve Section field within Maintain Schedule of Classes. View access to all scheduling components and facility table. Based on Academic Org row level security.

Department Scheduler access to create new sections, update, and proof courses. Includes access to Schedule New Course.

Department Scheduler.

Does not work correctly if SR41 is also assigned.

SR 43 WSU CS SR 43
Reserve Capacity

Update access to Reserve Capacity tab within Maintain Schedule of Classes, Schedule New Course, and Schedule Class Meetings. 

Required if Reserve Capacity is needed for classes within academic unit.

Needed to update Reserve Capacity

SR 46 WSU CS SR 46
Dept Coll Approver

Update access to Approved Section field on Maintain Schedule of Classes as well as to Approve Courses component within Schedule of Classes. View access to other Schedule Builder components.

Similar to SR42 access, but does not include Schedule New Course.

Provides access using Acad Org security

SR 59 WSU CS SR 59
Enter Grades

Add, Review, and Approve Grades in the Grade Roster

Based on Academic Org row level security.

Not needed when classes are graded in Canvas. Use Maintain LMS Users to add Canvas gradebook access.

Needed to Grade classes using the Grade Roster.


OBIEE Access to the Schedule Builder Dashboard

Department & Campus Schedulers.

Needed to see the Schedule Builder Dashboard


New Department Schedulers

Use the list on the Access and Training page to request access from Crimson Service Desk. 

SR Roles and Descriptions

This list was last revised 4/22/13


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