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Remove a Subject from an Existing Instructor


From the Main Menu select Curriculum Management, Instructor/Advisor Information, Instructor/Advisor Table.

Type in the ID number (with leading 0, ex:  099999999) or Last Name, First Name.
Click Search.

New Instructor details.jpg

Click the ‘+’ sign (under the word Last) to add a new row.
     -     Record 1 of 2 appears and the Effective Date is today’s date.

Existing Intstructor details.jpg

Change the Effective Date to the first day of the previous term or to the day after the date from Record 2.
Do not click Save.

Existing Intstructor details date change.jpg

Click the Approved Courses tab.

Existing Instructor Courses default.jpg

Click the ‘-’ sign to remove the Subject.

Click OK.

Click Save.
     -     The Instructor has been removed from Women Studies.