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SOC Notes Instructions

The SOC Notes tab displays the following information.

The SOC (Schedule of Classes) Notes tab is used to display additional information about the section.

Sequence Number field

  • Sequence Number 1: URLs only.
  • Sequence Number 2: Text only.
    • Sequence number 2 is required for display in the Schedule of Classes.

Free Format Text field

  • No double quotes (") in this field
    • They cause the RONet Schedule of Classes to break. Single quotes are acceptable.
  • URLs display as More Information on the RONet Schedule of Classes.
  • Use html to improve readability and format text
    • <br> inserts a line break
    • <br><br> inserts a line space
    • <strong></strong> bolds the enclosed text
    • <em></em> italicizes the enclosed text

Example SOC Notes

Blended Course

  • Seq. 1:
  • Seq. 2:  This section is a web-based section and does not meet in a regular classroom

Chemistry Classes

  • Seq. 1:
  • Seq. 2:  A portion of the seats in this class are reserved for Business Interested Students (planned College of Business majors). Wait listed students will then be automatically enrolled as space allows beginning 8/15/2018.

Note Nbr

Use the magnifying glass to see a list of pre-written SOC Notes. 

  • Use Copy Note to move the pre-written note into the Free Format field. The note is not visible unless it is in the Free Format Text field. Copy Note will erase any content currently in the field. To keep the current note, copy the content (Cntrl+C) and paste it into the Free Format Text field (Cntrl+P).

Pre-built Notes

If you would like a new standard SOC Note created, contact the Pullman Campus Scheduler.

Listing of available SOC Notes

SOC Notes tab
Academic Room Scheduling