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Exporting OBIEE Reports to Excel

OBIEE Reports can be exported into Excel so they can be printed or saved for reference.

Select the report you would like to export.

  • In this example we are using the Schedule Builder Data report in Mozilla Firefox.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen.

Click Export.

  • In this example we are selecting Data, Tab delimited Format.

Click OK

Your report is now open in an Excel Spreadsheet.

Depending on the report you export you may want to remove the duplicate lines.

  • Select all the rows and columns.
  • Click Data (top of the screen)
  • Click Remove Duplicates

Check the My data has headers box.
Click the Unselect All button.
Check the boxes on the following fields:

  • Subject
  • Catalog Nbr
  • Class Sect
  • Meeting Days
  • Mtg Start Tm

Click OK.

This tells you how many duplicate values were removed and how many remain.
Click OK.

Now your report is much more manageable.

Exporting OBIEE Reports into Excel
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