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Add a section: Part 1

Department Scheduler Training

Welcome to Schedule Builder Videos! Our videos will teach Department Schedulers to set up, edit, and approve academic courses and sections. This video is the first in a series of three videos demonstrating how to add a new section to a course. In this video we will start the new section and edit the Basic Data tab.

Navigate to Maintain Schedule of Classes. For this video, I will use my previously saved favorite.

Complete the Search Criteria. I will select my previously saved search, “S20 Biology” and add Catalog Number 102 to edit Biology 102 for Spring 2020.

Let’s start with the Basic Data tab. I want to add Lab Section 18L. Maintain Schedule of Classes does not sort Class Sections, so I will navigate to Section 17L by selecting LAST.

Select the “+” to add a new section after 17L. Many of the fields auto-fill based on the Course Catalog; check them as you set up the course.

Don’t forget to SAVE! We recommend saving after each edit.

Class Sections

  • Session: 1 is the default for Regular Academic Session or semester. Use the magnifying glass to change to different session. We highly recommend using the pre-built sessions as they set the correct Drop/Add dates for students.
  • Class Section: Use 2 digits and add the letter “L” for Lab sections
  • Component: Use the magnifying glass to see what options are available. For this course, I will set it as LAB for Laboratory.
  • Class Type: Most sections will be an Enrollment Section. LAB sections are Non-enrollment sections.
  • Associated Class:
    • This number defaults to 1. You will need to change this number unless this is section 1.
    • The associated class determines what credits are assigned to courses. It is very important, and can not be changed after students are enrolled. This number should match the Class Section unless it is a LAB. Lab sections that are linked to a specific LECTURE section should use the Lecture’s Class Section. Labs that can be used with any Lecture section should use 9999.
    • Units: are listed to the right. Check them to make sure that they are correct.
    • Ratio is listed to the right of Units. The Ratio for this course is (3-3) which means than the course has 3 Lecture contact hours and 3 Lab contact hours. Students must register for both a Lecture and a Lab section.
  • Location: is the place that the class will take place. Use the magnifying glass to find your location. Pullman is 100. You can click on the “Description” header to sort locations alphabetically.
  • Academic Organization: should already be filled in. Do make sure that the organization does not start with 10_. If it does, please notify the Campus Scheduler.
  • Instruction Mode: Use the magnifying glass to select the correct instruction mode. Video Conference classes should be set as P for Face to Face at the originating site and 040 for Video Conference at the receiving site.

Class Attributes

  • A list of Class Attributes can be found on the Academic Scheduler website at under Schedule Builder > Maintain Schedule of Classes > Basic Data tab > Class Attributes field.
  • Select “+” to add a new attribute. Many attributes are determined by the catalog.
  • For an online course, use 30 as the instruction mode, NOTE as the Class Attribute, and VIRTUAL as the Course Attribute Value.
  • For a Video Conference course, add the Class Attribute VC then select the Originating site under Course Attribute Value. In this example, the Video Conference is originating in Pullman, so the Instruction Mode is P, Class Attribute is VC, and Course Attribute is VC-PULLM

Start/End Date is on the right side. It should match the semester dates (excluding finals) for courses with Session 1.

Approved Section: do not check this box until all the tabs in Maintain Schedule of Classes have been set up.

Schedule Print: when this box is checked, the course will show up in Schedule of Classes. Ask the Campus Scheduler to uncheck this box if you do not desire this.

If you find errors on the Basic Data page, go to the Meetings tab and leave a note for the Campus Scheduler in Notes/Request. Please date and initial your requests.

For more information

For more information, visit the Academic Scheduling website and check out our Department Scheduler video series.

Recorded 12/30/19


Add A Section Overview
  • This video was created using Campus Scheduler access. What you see in myWSU may differ depending on your access.
  • myWSU > Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Maintain Schedule of Classes
  • For instructions on saving favorites or creating a saved search, see our Hot Tips video.
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