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Add a section: Part 2

Department Scheduler Training

Welcome to Schedule Builder Videos! Our videos will teach Department Schedulers to set up, edit, and approve academic courses and sections. This video is the second in a series of three videos demonstrating how to add a new section to a course. In this video we will continue setting up the new section added in Part 1.

Go to Maintain Schedule of Classes and open BIOLOGY 102 for Spring 2020.

Meetings tab

In the Meetings tab, we can see that our Class Section and Associated Class are visible but not editable.

Class Sections:

  • Internal Notes is for Department Schedulers. Notes that you leave for yourself will roll to future semesters.
  • Notes/Requests is where you will make requests of the Campus Scheduler. You can ask us to edit areas that you do not have access to or request specific rooms.

Meeting Pattern:

  • Skip Facility ID at this point, go to Pat.
  • PAT is short for meeting pattern. Select the magnifying glass and choose your meeting pattern. If we don’t have one set up that matches your course, leave it blank.
  • Mtg Start is the start time for the class. If the course is using a General University Classroom (GUC), then either the meeting start time or meeting end time must line up with a standard class time.
    • Meeting Start Time defaults to A.M.; don’t schedule a 2 a.m. course!
    • If you found a Meeting Pattern code, the Meeting End time and days of the week will automatically populate. If you left Pat blank then choose them now. Save your work!
  • Double check that the Start/End Date match the dates listed in the Basic Data Tab. They must match.
  • Free Format Topic is limited to 30 characters and can only be used by a course that is designated as a TOPICS course in the catalog. Add a message in Notes/Request to have the Campus Scheduler add your topic.
  • Go back to Facility ID. Once the Meeting Pattern and time/date are entered, and saved, you can add a facility request. If you have access to department rooms, select the magnifying glass to select them. If you would like to be assigned a GUC, enter GUC_TBS. If you would like a Video Conference room, enter AMS_PUL. We prefer that schedulers request specific rooms, buildings, or state that there is no preference in the Notes/Request field.

Instructors for Meeting Pattern

  • We will cover the Instructor/Advisor Table in a separate video. For this purpose, if you know the instructor, use the magnifying glass to add them. You can only have one Primary Instructor and the combined Load Factor must equal 100%. The Access dropdown determines if the instructor has authority to Approve Grades.

Room Characteristics

  • A list of room characteristics can be found on our website on the GUC page. 81 is the code for a Standard Room. Use 82 for a Video Conference room.

Enrollment tab

Save your work as you go and move to the Enrollment Control tab.

  • Courses approved during Initial Proofing have a Class Status of Active and immediately activated when the Approved Section checkbox is selected in the Basic Data tab.
    • Courses Approved during Final Proofing or after Proofing is over are Tentative and must be activated by a Campus Scheduler. This will take up to one week.
  • Add Consent: Select Department Consent required if the department must approve enrollment in this section. Do not use Instructor Consent.
  • Requested Room Capacity: This field determines the room size. Once the course is approved, changes to this number need to be requested in Notes/Requests.
  • Enrollment Capacity: Department Schedulers will have access to the field and can make changes to this number at will. This determines how many students can actually enroll in the course.
  • Wait List Capacity should be set at 999. This offers the best information about how many students want to take the class. Students will be automatically enrolled in the course as other students Drop the course.

Comments tab

Save your work, and take a moment to peek at the Comments tab, if you have access. You will not be able to edit this tab, however, the Campus Scheduler will leave you notes here. We cut your Notes/Requests and copy them here. You can check them here, or run an OBIEE report to find all your Comments.

Exam tab

The Exam tab is also important. Your finals exam will be posted in this tab, and possibly starting Spring 2020, we will post your Rule 80/81 exams here as well. Put your exam requests in the Exam Notes/Requests field. New! The Final Exam dropdown allows you to easily notify us if you will need a room for a final exam. You will be able to choose “Yes”, “No”, or “No, but still need room”.

For more information

For more information, visit the Academic Scheduling website and check out our Department Scheduler video series.

Recorded 12/30/19



Add A Section: 2
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