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Approved Courses with Days/Times

The class lists are not live; check the updated date. The lists show classes that are Approved, Active, Location: Pullman, and include a Meeting Day. The classes lists can help with finding a room trade by using the filters.

The data is available live in OBIEE > Schedule Builder dashboard > Schedule Builder > Simplified SBD

Available Terms

Number of Sections Approved by Term

A comparison of the number of sections approved by term. Compares Spring 2222 to 2223 and Fall 2221 to 2222.

Using the class lists

The lists can be sorted, filtered, or printed in your browser without impacting other users. 

  • Download a copy: Select the three vertical dots next to the words (View Only) in the black header bar. Note: This is a very large spreadsheet - it will load slowly.
  • Sort the columns: Hover over a column until the three vertical dots appear, then select sort criteria. 
  • Filter the data: The "Filter Off" dropdown lists the available shared filters. The "New Filter" option at the bottom of the list allows you to create a filter like the example below. 

Smartsheet Filter

This example finds classes meeting MWF 9:10am in a GUC by filtering Type (Room Type), Meeting Days, and Meeting Start Time.

Academic Room Scheduling