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Newsletter 2020:1

Academic Room Scheduling

Delivered to the Scheduler_dept listserv on: 1/14/20


RONet Schedule of Classes is currently experiencing technical difficulties.

EIT has been working on it and are doing their best to get it back up and updating regularly. I’ll send an announcement when we think it’s fixed.

Spring updates

We are running reports for Spring every day for the first week of classes. Please know that if we run the report before you make your change that day, your update won’t show up until the next day. If there is a problem that needs immediate attention, please reach out. There have been some issues with myWSU and 25Live not playing nicely. If you notice a room has been dropped or double-scheduled, reach out to us and we’ll work to fix these issues first. Do know that this is a very busy time in the RO and the office is all-hands-on-deck; we are not only working on scheduling.

Changes to the academic schedule are not accepted after the 10th day of classes starting Spring 2020.

Please work with your department to get these changes in by 1/21/20.

Fall 2020

Melissa will be running the Optimizer this week to start assigning rooms.

Event scheduling

Sheree is approving events one or two days ahead of the event through 10th day. After we have solidified the academic schedule, she will start approving events for the rest of the semester.

Newsletter 2020:1

Delivered to the Scheduler_dept listserv on: 1/17/20

Hello Schedulers!

Welcome to our first newsletter for 2020. We will continue to send these out periodically to update you on deadlines, share what’s up in the scheduling world, and offer tips and tricks.

Spring 2020

  • Course changes are updated daily during the first 10 days of classes. If your change doesn’t happen today, mostly likely the update occurred after reports were run. It should show up the next day with the next reports.
  • Changes will not be accepted after 10th day. This allows Academic and Non-Credit bearing events to be scheduled sooner.
  • We have had a few instances of double-booked rooms. If you find yourself in that situation, please reach out to us and we will prioritize finding a solution. Thank you to those who have gone above and beyond to find solutions. We are having a few instances of 25Live and myWSU not playing nicely; we want to know if there are problems.
  • Do you have a Final Exam? Check out the new dropdown menu in the Exam tab of Maintain Schedule of Classes and Schedule Class Meetings. You can select: YES, NO, and No, but Room Needed. This will help us as we continue to work towards reducing Friday finals in future semesters. We will write the Fall 2020 Finals Schedule during February with the first version of this.

Finals dropdown on the exam tab

  • Try using Schedule Class Meetings for your updates once classes have started. Crimson Service Desk thinks that this might help. Let us know if you notice improvements.
  • RONET Schedule of Classes is still struggling. EIT has people manually updating the site every few hours while they troubleshoot. They are working hard to find a permanent solution. If you don’t see your class, here’s what you should do:
    • Look at the last update time.  If it’s longer than two hours, let us know.
    • Check your course in Maintain Schedule of Classes and make sure that PRINT SCHEDULE is checked on the Basic Data tab. This has been the problem for a few departments.
  • OBIEE Instructor Report is not reporting correctly. This has been submitted to Crimson Service Desk.

Event Scheduling

  • As we continue to streamline procedures, Sheree has been able to start confirming events a little earlier than in previous years. Of course, academics still take priority, so if she confirms your event before 10th day, you may lose the space if a class needs the room. We have only had a couple conflicts so far and are pleased with how this is working to get your events confirmed sooner.
  • If you have an event that reoccurs, even randomly, it’s best when you create one event request and use AD HOC REPEATS to keep all the requests in one event. This will speed up processing. You can do this even when there are multiple locations in the event. Sheree or Jill can walk you through this if you need help.
  • The correct Event Type will also speed up processing.
    • 25Live Pullman Academic Event – this is credit-bearing and is associated with a specific course and section
    • 25Live Pullman Event or 25Live Pullman Meeting – this is non-credit-bearing and is not related to a course
    • 25Live Meeting Video Conference – this is for Video Conferences involving Zoom and a Room on any campus
  • Watch for room characteristics to include the room codes instead of every feature in the future. We are streamlining what you see when you hover and this is one way we can do that. You can find what the codes mean on our website:

Fall 2020 Update

Melissa has been hard at work getting Fall 2020 ready to run the room Optimizer application. We have been trying some new procedures and experimenting with ways to streamline the process of creating Schedule of Classes.

  • We pre-assign rooms for large sections of over 100 students. If you requested a time/date change, you lost the room assignment. Always include a new room request when you do this. Melissa has sent out several emails regarding specific large sections that do not have rooms. Please answer those emails no later than 9:30am on Tuesday (even if she gave you a deadline of today at 9:30).
  • We are exporting large room assignments to 25Live on Tuesday/Wednesday. These are already visible in myWSU. This makes them visible in 25Live.
  • Optimizer will run later in the week. After this runs, you will be able to see Fall 2020 room assignments in 25Live.
  • Final Proofing is scheduled to open February 3, 2020.

Videos! And more

Our website has been reorganized a bit to reduce clutter in the left spine navigation. I also locked myself in my office during break and took a stab at creating the first of our new video training videos. Eventually, we hope to replace all the outdated UPKs. If you have comments about them, please email me. You can find them here: We do not have Schedule Builder training courses planned for January. If you have a need, email me and we will set one up in February.

Academic Advisory Committee Meeting next week

If you have questions or concerns, most colleges sent a representative to the Academic Advisory Committee Meetings. This person provides input to the scheduling department and helps us to understand the concerns of department schedulers. They operate as a sounding board for many of our ideas, too. If you want us to consider something, add a feature, or have comments, you can reach out to your Academic Advisory Committee rep, email us at, or email Jill directly.

Newsletter 2020:1
Academic Room Scheduling