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Newsletter 2020: 2

Academic Room Scheduling

Delivered to the Scheduler_dept listserv on: 1/29/20

Hi everyone!

This is a short one; just a couple things to tell you.

myWSU Schedule Builder Class: Feb 5 from 9-11am

We have a request for a Schedule Builder Class. I had hoped to do it in two weeks, but suitable Video Conferencing space for a temporary lab is limited, sorry you do not have much time to prepare. We have enough laptops for anyone who wishes to attend this class or you may bring your own. We just need to know no later than 8:15am that morning. New schedulers should sign up through HRS, the class should show up in the next day or two. You can find information on our website at: Current Department Schedulers are ALWAYS WELCOME! If you are planning to attend, please email me and let me know if you’re bringing a laptop or want to use one of ours.

Spring 2020 Changes to the Regular Session are Closed

We will run reports on a weekly basis, most likely on Fridays, to look for changes to Sessions or Notes/Requests explaining the extreme circumstances that are requiring a late update.

Fall 2021 Final Proofing

We hope to open Final Proofing on Monday, February 3. The campus illness has hit the Registrar’s Office, so Final Proofing will open, but we may not be able to immediately start updating your changes. We ran the Optimizer and are currently cleaning things up. Rooms are visible in 25Live for Fall, but they may change in the next couple days during our clean-up, so it’s always best to just wait until Final Proofing opens to look.

Newsletter 2020: 2
Academic Room Scheduling