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Newsletter 2020: 5 and 5.1

Academic Room Scheduling

Hello Schedulers,

I hope finals week is treating you well. We have been getting lots of questions and thought we might answer a few we’re hearing quite a bit. Feel free to continue to email questions to my personal email or to  where all three of us have access to answer your question. Melissa prefers to receive scheduling questions through the mailbox to keep things organized and would rather not receive those questions in her personal email box.

Open Lab: Monday, May 11 at 10am

Initial Proofing is extended one day, and Jill will host an Open Lab at 10am if anyone wants to drop in with questions. Email Jill if you want me to add you to the meeting or drop in using this link: Meeting: 509 335 2522 Password: 99164. 

Schedule Builder Training Video

We recorded our last Schedule Builder Training class. The Zoom format worked out well pretty well. If you’d like to view the video, you should be able to find it here:

Grading and Instructor/Advisor Table

If you need help, email me or the scheduling mailbox. We have done quite a bit of troubleshooting these last couple weeks. If an instructor needs access for Spring 2020 grading, make sure that the date in the Instructor/Advisor Table is 1/13/20 or earlier.

Spring 2021 Proofing

We have posted a nice table of the Pullman Proofing Schedule on our website at:

  • Initial Proofing deadline extended to Monday, May 11. Melissa will be gone on Monday, so you get an extra day.
  • CrossListed and Combined Courses: Make sure that the parent course is approved. If only the child gets approved, we will not activate the course.
  • Please approve those courses that don’t have rooms during Initial Proofing. This saves lots of time, as a campus scheduler must activate the course if you approve it later. During Initial Proofing, courses are activated as soon as you Approve them. 
  • Please approve those courses that are using a Department room during Initial Proofing. If you don’t know which room now, use ARR_ARR. We can add the room later. This is another way to save time later, as you will not need to wait for us to Activate the course.
  • Please approve courses that have room assignments during Initial Proofing.  Courses that are not approved during Initial Proofing are changed to Tentative and will lose room assignments. This is very important if you have a course with 100+ students!!
  • Do not add ARR_ARR to Facility ID if there is NOT a meeting time. Just leave it blank. It’s okay :). We actually must remove it before rooms can be assigned through the Room Optimizer, so you’re saving us time by leaving it blank.
  • Blended courses are 100% online and do not need a FACID nor Meeting Time. Leave those blank. 

Blended meeting time example

  • Blended sections should list 040 as the Location, 30 as the Instruction Mode, and add a Class Attribute: NOTE VIRTUAL. 

Blended Instruction mode example

Newsletter 2020: 5 and 5.1
Academic Room Scheduling