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Instruction Modes (IM)

Instruction Mode Overview

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Videoconferencing (VC) Overview

Updated VC policies and coding instructions.

Face to Face Learning 

Hybrid Instruction

Sections with both remote learning and face-to-face instruction components are coded based on the percentage taught remotely.

  • Some Online (SO): .01%-74.99% Online instruction. At least 25% of instruction is face-to-face.
  • Hybrid (HY): 75%-99.9% Online instruction. Course may meet as little as one time face-to-face. Updated! Course must be offered through Global Campus and with Global design.

Important! The department should add an SOC Note to describe the classroom experience.

Remote Learning

Blended with Global: Multiple Campuses

Pre-recorded 100% remote (online) instruction. Delivery is asynchronous (no day/time is listed) and sections are combined with a Global Campus section. Available on more than one campus.

Blended Section Coding

  • Instruction Mode: 30 (100% Online)
  • Location: 040 (Global)
  • Class Attribute: NOTE: VIRTUAL
  • Facility: leave blank
  • Day/Time: leave blank
  • Notes: Global sets up a shell combined section that can be activated at will. If there is not a shell section, please contact Global campus

Videoconference (VC) & Zoom: Multiple Campuses

Live and pre-recorded 100% remote (online) instruction. Delivery is synchronous (during a specific day/time) and available to multiple campuses. Zoom, Blackboard, Canvas, or other technologies are used. 

VC Coding

  • Instruction Mode: Determined by whether the section is Originating or Receiving
    • Originating Site: P when students will be in a classroom, SO when students will rotate in a classroom, 40 when students will receive content on a personal device.
    • Receiving Site: 40 (Videoconference) whether receiving in a classroom or personal device.
  • Location: varies
  • Class Attribute: VC: VC originating site 
  • Facility: VC_xxx or VC enabled classroom. WEB_ARR when students will receive content on a personal device.
  • Day/Time: Required. Synchronous instruction is REQUIRED. 
  • More information about Videoconferencing.

Flow Chart version

Thank you to Dr. Bill Davis for the initial idea and design of this flow chart. This is an updated version that matches the current Instruction Mode definitions. Download a pdf version of the Flow Chart. updated 6/25/20

This flowchart is being updated to remove Distance Delivery and more clearly define VC. Watch for updates coming soon.


Instruction Modes

Face to Face

  • Face to Face (P): Live instruction, 100% in person, specific day/time, one campus
  • Some Online (SO): Live and/or pre-recorded instruction, <75% online, specific day/time, one campus
  • Videoconference (VC) - Originating Campus: Live instruction in a classroom, specific day/time, multiple campuses. Coded by the instruction mode of the students enrolled in this section, typically P or SO.

Synchronous Remote

  • Videoconference (VC) - Receiving Campus: Live instruction via Zoom or other technology, specific day/time, multiple campuses. Receiving campus may receive content in a Videoconference room or on a personal device. Updated! When no students are attending in a VC equipped room associated with a WSU property, the section must be blended with a Global section.

Asynchronous Remote: Requires Global design

  • Blended with Global: Pre-recorded instruction, 100% online, no day/time, multiple campuses
  • Hybrid (HY): Live and/or pre-recorded instruction, 75%+ online, specific day/time, one campus

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