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Meetings tab

Academic Room Scheduling


The Meetings tab displays the following information.

Notes/Request field

Used for communication about the Section to the Campus Scheduler.

  • Please note the following:
    • Please initial and date requests.
      • This helps identify who we need to contact for questions.
    • If there are multiple meetings within a section, please specify which meeting time the request is for.
    • It is not necessary to indicate a course/section has been approved in the Notes/Request field.
    • This field is specific to the section.
    • Do not include asterisks in the request.
      • It prevents the request from loading into the OBIEE report.
    • This field can be resized by clicking the bottom right corner.
      • This only works in Chrome and Firefox, not Edge.
    • Limited to 254 characters and displays how many remain.
  • Examples of Requests:
    • Preferences for building/room assignments
      • Request TODD 276-BTC 5/27/16
    • Meeting Time changes
      • Change time to MWF 2:10-BTC 7/28/16
    • Change credits to fixed for a variable credit section
      • Change credits to 3-BTC 6/13/16
    • Cancel sections
      • Cancel-BTC 3/10/16
      • Section offered alternate years-BTC 4/15/16

Additional Meetings

Generally used when an exception has been granted by the Provost's Office for a course to split a standard meeting time into 2 or more times.

  • Ex:  CHEM 101 uses additional meeting times for their labs because they have a lab and a tutorial.

Facility ID field

Shows the Building and Room where the section meets.

  • Please note the following:
    • This field is available to update when the Section is Unapproved and in Active or Tentative Status and needs to be updated after the meeting time has been set.
      • After the Section is Approved the Facility Field cannot be updated.
    • When the section is combined this field has to be updated in Schedule Class Meetings (see Combined Sections).
    • When the term rolls (ex:  Fall 2016 to Fall 2017, Spring 2016 to Spring 2017) the facilities do not roll.
    • Sections with a room capacity of 100+ have their facility manually assigned before Initial Proofing begins.
      • After Initial Proofing ends, any section with a preassigned room that hasn't been approved will lose their room.
      • The facility will be changed to GUC_TBS if the room capacity is dropped below 100 or the meeting time changes.
    • This field needs to be filled in with one of the following options before the section is approved.
      • Dept. Room
      • GUC_TBS
      • ARR_ARR
      • AMS_PUL
    • If this field is left blank, the section will be unapproved, a comment will be added in the Comments tab.
    • Departments have access to Departmental Rooms that are within their Academic Organization.
      • If the Departmental Room doesn't appear in the list (click the magnifying glass), then a request needs to be submitted in the Notes/Request field.
    • Class Facility Usage shortcut
      • Right click the Red Triangle (top right of the Facility ID field box).  This takes you to Class Facility Usage where you can view what is scheduled in a specific Facility.

Meeting Times

The Meeting Pattern field is setup for commonly used meeting times and populates the Meeting End Time and Days of the Week fields.

  • Please note the following:
    • The Meeting Pattern and Start fields are available to update when the Section is Unapproved and in Active or Tentative Status.
      • After the Section is Approved the Meeting Time cannot be updated.
    • Click on the magnifying glass to select a meeting pattern.
      • If a meeting pattern isn't available, please send a request to for it to be added.
    • Enter the meeting start time, the end time will automatically populate.

Start/End Date fields

The Start/End Dates are typically changed when a Section is being taught for a partial semester and there isn't a Session available to choose from.

  • Please note the following:
    • These fields are available to update when the Section is Unapproved and in Active or Tentative Status.
    • They need to match the Start/End Date fields on the Basic Data tab.
    • Even if the dates are changed the deadlines (i.e. Drop, Withdrawal) for the Section still follow the full semester deadline dates.

Free Format Topic field

The field to type a Topics Title on Sections that are designated as Topics sections.

  • Please note the following: 
    • Sections with the Course Attribute Value of Topics listed on the Basic Data tab are designated as Topics Sections.
    • This field is limited to 30 characters including spaces.
    • This information prints on the transcript when the Print Topic On Transcript box is checked.
    • This information also appears on the RONet Schedule of Classes and Class Search.
    • This field is available to update when the Section is Unapproved and in Active or Tentative Status.
      • After the Section is Approved this field cannot be updated.

Combined Sections

Combined Sections are Sections that are taught in the same room at the same time.

  • Combined Section types:
    • Blended Sections - Taught on Global Campus and/or other Branch Campuses.
    • Conjoint - Offered at the 400/500 level
    • Crosslist - Offered under two or more subjects.
  • Please note the following:
    • All changes on the Meetings Tab only for Combined Sections are done in Schedule Class Meetings.
    • When Sections need to be combined, please include a request in the Notes/Request field.
    • To view which Sections are combined click on the Combined Section link.

Instructor Information fields

  • Please note the following:
    • This area can be updated at any time.
    • The Campus Scheduler doesn't need to be notified when a change is made and approval isn't required.
    • Institutional Research uses the instructor information from the 1st meeting time.
    • Blue Evaluations uses the instructor information from all meeting times.
  • ID field
    • Click on the magnifying glass to select the Instructor.
    • If the Instructor isn't in the list, he/she will need to be added to the Instructor/Advisor Table.
  • Instructor Role field
    • Choose from one of the following:
      • Administrative Support
      • Primary Instructor
      • Secondary Instructor
      • Teaching Assistant
      • Teaching Assistant - Limit Bb
      • Tutor
    • There can only be one Instructor designated as a Primary Instructor on Group Taught Sections.
    • Individually Taught Sections can have multiple Primary Instructors listed.
  • Print box
    • When the Print box is checked the Instructor will appear on the RONet Schedule of Classes and myWSU Class Search.
  • Access field
    • Determines whether the Instructor has gradebook access in myWSU and Blackboard.
      • Blank - No gradebook access.
      • Approve - Gradebook access.
      • We don't use the Grade or Post options.
  • Load Factor field
    • Percentage the Instructor teaches.
    • The load factor needs to equal 100% when there are multiple instructors splitting the teaching load.

Room Characteristics fields

These help determine the type of room a Section is requesting to use.

Meetings tab
Academic Room Scheduling