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COVID-19 Scheduling Guidelines

Employee Tuition Waivers

100% Online courses that are blended with Global are not available for Employee Tuition Waivers for Spring 2021. Courses with a time and day are eligible for the waiver, with certain restrictions. More information on Employee Tuition Waivers.

Instruction Modes

For more information on Instruction Modes, view our Instruction Mode page.

COVID-19 GUC Room Capacities

Environmental Health and Safety has established the maximum number of people who can be present in General University Classrooms (GUC) at one time to maintain social distancing for Fall 2020. These numbers have been updated for Fall 2021 to allow 25% of the original capacity or the Fall 2020 capacity, whichever is higher. GUC Room Capacity list

25Live Building Preferences by Organization

Campus Schedulers use a tool called Optimizer to make classroom assignments on many of our campuses. This tool is especially helpful on the Pullman campus, where there may be as many as 4,900 active sections in a term. The Optimizer utilizes organization building preferences to assign GUC classrooms in order of the organization's preferences. All suitable GUC spaces must be listed in one of four preference lists, otherwise the Optimizer will not assign a classroom. Department Schedulers may view the preferences on the Building Preference page and should their campus scheduler if changes are requested.

Timeline Pullman Campus

  • Fall 2021: Proofing through 3/8/21, Schedule of Classes published 3/9/21

Pullman Campus Schedulers

25Live Pro

Request and view rooms for exams & events. If the calendar says "Private", please login using your NID.

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COVID19 Scheduling: Spring 2021
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